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Hatha Yoga (EN)




60 min

About the Course

Hatha Yoga is the preparatory practice for all other types of Yoga.
It focuses on balancing the energies within the body-mind and preparing the body for higher practices.
In this class, we will work with Asana (physical practices) giving attention to fluidity as well as stability and strength as well as flexibility. After Asana, we offer short pranayama (breathing practices), building up the ability to concentrate and expand our breathing capacity. We will end the class in a relaxation that integrates all elements of the practice.
The class is ideal for the ones who are new to Yoga or those who have done some Yoga but never had a deep and constant practice. It will help you to gain more control of your body, more focus on daily tasks, and more energy to carry on with everyday life.

Your Instructor



Tuesday 8.30 - 9.30am

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