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Sa., 24. Sept.



Advanced Players Temple (extended version)

We are doing it again! But this time even longer.

Advanced Players Temple (extended version)

Time & Location

24. Sept. 2022, 17:00 – 23:00

Berlin, Gustav-Adolf-Straße 15, 13086 Berlin, Deutschland

About the event

Even longer Free Flow? Fuck Yes! We are doing it again! But this time even longer. 🐾 We heard your wishes of having even more time - here it comes! We will also have more time for some advanced exercise which will support your flow. 🍒 

Are you experienced with Temples or other S+ events? I invite you to enjoy your Saturday evening together with a small selected group of curious, open-hearted, experienced and still humble Beings who are curious to continue learning, exploring, playing and connecting.

Are you one of them? Join us!  This is a unique, juicy and extended (6hr) Temple night experience. An opportunity to continue exploring and to feel what it’s like to touch deeper into your sensuality and into yourself, expanding your capacity to connect with other like-spirit beings.

🍒  It's a touch, body and s3x positive space. An experience where slowness and acceptance to BE where you are in that moment is promoted. There are no expectations and no pressure as you will design your own flow and experience. 🍒  

★★★★★ “I felt that I could exactly do what I wanted to do (or not wanted to do), while being present in my feelings and clear in my boundaries.” - Anna

This event is for people only who are experienced in Temples, S+ or consent events. * If you don't have these experiences - please register for the Sensuality Arts & Piano Temple on October 8th


While in our society we learned to focus on the goal (int3rcourse or 0rgasm), we will promote slowness and focus on the foreplay and inclusiveness during intimate interactions. While often in daily life some of us don't have the patience or simply time to expand into longer foreplay, this will be the space to take time, take space for all that is sometimes skipped. More touch, slowness, kink. S3x positivity, expression and creativity are very celebrated here and it has many colours and shades. 🌈

This Temple is a sex-positive event, BUT we want to bring awareness that sexuality in our events does not automatically mean penetration or genital nudity, there is so so much to explore in this field, that we are encouraging you to play with. Sex and making love will be welcome, with a sensitive awareness of the group dynamic around you. But it will not be the main goal. ❤️


Any human who is er0tically sensitive with their entire body not only in the conventionally understood er0genic zones - needs more sensual touch throughout the entire body. I recently read in a book, that cis man and cis women very often are having s3x in a preferred way/style of a cis man. This is how it "always" was and for most still is. Thanks to our history plus the "education" through p0rn. No wonder so many cis women cannot have an 0rgasm (~50%) or p3n3trative 0rgasm which is so loaded with performance pressure for both g3nital owners. A body of a human which is highly 0rgasmic, cannot be placed in a box of touch/stimulation and focus on only 2 body parts (or one)! That's why we will bring some awareness there and will dive into more body exploration and try to find ways how to escape the chain of shame as well as our usual patterns and understanding of touch.  We will have a few more playful exercises around this topic than usual on the shorter Temple nights. But again, will not lose too much time from the free flow. ;)


  • 17:00 entering the space (come on time!)
  • 17:20 doors CLOSE (you are dressed and ready)
  • 17:30 Temple space opening
  • 1-1,5 hr Workshop (Bonding & communication, movement exercises)
  • Break
  • 19:00 - 22:40 Temple Free Flow
  • 22:40 Closing circle
  • 23:00 End

(we will aim to close the space together as a group, no drop in and out unless personally agreed upon it with me)  It's a total of 6 hours of experience so please come already fed. And bring a healthy snack! I will provide some fruits for the break.

🏹 Apply & get your ticket here on TicketTailor. 🏹

★★★★★ "Safe, warm and playful space that Minty created was way too good, not to join your play temple again and again. The music that surrounded us was a nice wave in the background. The fruits invited to stay and get to know each other at the very beginning. The warming-up games and the followed free flow were super sweet and spicy. I loved it. Thanks for having me. I am looking forward to all the juicy group activities that are coming next. - Malte

S+ WORLDVIEW: 🍒 I believe, that learning how to know one's own needs and body better is very important not only in healthy relating and intimate settings but outside of it too. These spaces are designed and dedicated to explore and tap into your own inner authority who is the Boss and the Guardian to tell the world what you want and don't want. Knowing one's own boundaries and having the tools and the language of how to communicate, will expand not only from your intimate settings but as well to your professional and any relational life and that is one of the amazing side effects of working with one's own s3xuality.


🍌 Experience in a Temple or other S+ consent learning and practising workshop.* 🍌 STI test (I will not check your papers, but be respectful for the S+ community and test yourself regularly) 🍌 NoG policy. Doing a home test before the event is very invited though. Please be responsible and if you feel unwell, refrain from coming, as always.  

AM I EXPERIENCED ENOUGH? You don't need to be a Temple professional - you only need to be familiar with these types of events and experienced at least once consent and boundary exercises in an intimate context event/workshop. The point here is that we will not learn those things anew, we will dive deeper, so that's why I need everyone to be familiar with that.)

WHAT TO WEAR & what to bring: Follow the email upon your registration and please bring it. :)

★★★★★ "Minty’s Temple was just what I needed! Minty created a safe space and used gentle, yet necessary assertiveness to facilitate the learning and embodying of boundaries around receiving, accepting, taking, and allowing. I support Minty’s mission of creating more non-goal-oriented, safe, and sensual experiences for all to explore themselves and others in ways that oppressive systems around us do not allow in our every day. Thank you Minty! Your facilitation and created space have allowed me to step into my sovereign power." - Taylor (transformational life coach)

🏹 Get high on interconnectivity. Sensuality, conscious Kink and play.


Low income: 45€ (limited) Regular: 57€ Supporter: 65€ Double Ticket: 100€ (You don't need to be a couple. No commitments for each other during the event either). 😉  This is an event designed for a small and exclusive group (max 20ppl). So we can weave a safe and held space.  If you can't afford the ticket and are willing to be a super supporter in preps, I am looking for such helping hands. (Only womxn helper spots left) Apply for a volunteer spot for 15€. Write a message with a short description about yourself: to @minty_raminta on Telegram or by email. I will need you to commit to joining from 4 pm until 00 am.

IMPORTANT: You will be requested to fill out a form that will help us get to know you better and speculate on the best compatibility for the space. Please fill it out intentionally, truthfully and thoroughly. An application with 4 words of motivation only, will be immediately declined, no questions asked. If in case someone will be not accepted, they will receive a 100% refund. If you have participated in Raminta's Temples before, you do not need to fill the long questions thoroughly. Under the motivation question, you can only specify in which Temple you've been. I still need your social media as I might not remember you only by your name. 👍 * Anyone applying, please see the FAQ below for more information about this. * People not providing a profile picture via or a LINK to social media (FB, IG) will be not considered. I am doing selection process work for you and the group, and it takes time, so please be considerate about it. Thank you.

🏹 Apply & get your ticket here on TicketTailor. 🏹

About the facilitator:

Raminta brings ceremony and ritual into her facilitation. In her events, people feel safe, non-judged and welcomed with their authentic juicy selves. She brings 9 years of experience in organizing various events. From personal development, ecstatic dance and conscious events, temples up to psytrance/techno parties and business-oriented events. For the past year, she has co-developed and held space in the weekly "Saturday lockdown dances" with bigger groups. aka FlowMotion Dance. She has accomplished a 100hours Tantra massage course and organized and facilitated Temple nights and Temple weekends and Medicine retreats. At the moment she is organizing dance and Temple events. Giving Somatic Coaching Pantarei sessions. As well as creates stage and graphic design + is a certified social media manager.  ___ 


★★★★★ "I was very lucky to grab a ticket to the Snow Leopard Temple with Raminta and Gili. I didn't quite know what to expect and was surprised with a long and soft start of exercises to really have the chance to feel into most of the participants. It made me feel very comfortable. The focus on consent and the slowness allowed the space to feel extremely safe and inviting for exploration. The whole theme of feeling the strength and elegance, the playfulness and unpredictability of wildcats just entered into me , even without me focussing so much on it. I felt really nourished and grounded and well centred afterwards and like I dared to show my cat-side and was received with a lot of caressing and joy. Thanks so much for creating this beautiful space and lots of love to the sweet group of kittens." -  

★★★★★ "Raminta's authenticity, sensitivity and assertiveness make her a great facilitator. She created a wonderful Temple weekend where I got to connect with myself and others in a safe space, free of judgment and pressure of any kind. The sacred space of intimate exploration was a beautiful playground for the self-discovery of boundaries and desires. Raminta inspires me with her integrity and growth and I’ve confidence in the workshops she facilitates." - Eva

___ FAQ

How do I know my spot is reserved? You will receive a ticket purchase confirmation upon purchase. Upon review of your registration form, we will evaluate if your application is compatible with the group and our values. In some cases, we may request additional information or choose to decline your participation. We review all forms within 72 hours (on working days) after signing up, and if for any reason we decide to refuse your attendance, you will receive a, 100% refund from the Ticket Tailor. If we do not request additional information about your application or inform you that it was denied that means your application is accepted and a few days before the event you will receive a preparation email.

Why do we need to fill out a form? How do you decide who attends? We wish to offer our guests the best potential for safety and conscious exploration. We are aiming to gather the most coherent group, although it is very difficult for us if anyone has to be declined. It is happening very very rarely and if so - it is not personal. That probably means that the applicant's answers and perhaps expectations were not matching the expectations of the majority of the group or the facilitator's values. Any decisions we make about who to invite will be based on these principles. And yes we are aware, that words do not fully tell about who you are and we are trying our best to evaluate the situation from your given answers.

Why are there fewer spaces for (cis) men? The spaces for men are not necessarily fewer. Past experience had taught us that these spaces are the ones which tend to fill up quicker than the ones for women, nonbinary and trans folks. It is also our experience that an imbalance towards a majority of men in a sensual space can sometimes create discomfort among participants. We will be making men's tickets available gradually as the spaces fill up. We understand that the uncertainty about a ticket being available may create discomfort, we have taken that into account and feel this is necessary. We hope for your understanding.

Can I cancel my ticket? Until 7 days before the event: full refund, minus an administration & platform fee of 7€ · Later than 7 days before the event, the ticket is non-refundable. If one of you cannot come from the Pair ticket and it means another one cannot come, the same cancellation policy applies.  There will be NO participant replacements allowed from this point since we cannot view the participant's application form.

See you on the other side. 🌿🧝‍♀️🌿


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