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So., 22. Mai



Embodied Consciousness Mapping for Psychonauts

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Embodied Consciousness Mapping for Psychonauts

Time & Location

22. Mai 2022, 11:30 – 20:30

Berlin, Gustav-Adolf-Straße 15, 13086 Berlin, Deutschland

About the event

Embodied Consciousness Mapping for Psychonauts - Introduction to Timothy Leary's 8 Circuit Brain Model

This all day workshop for offers a playful introduction to a consciousness model that has value for to self-exploration, self-assessment, integration and transformative work, in the context of psychonautics and consciousness expansion without having to adopt a cultural-spiritual paradigm.


We will explore the 8 Circuit Brain Model, devised by Dr. Timothy Leary, in an embodied way using a series of exercises, games and rituals for you to have an embodied direct experience with this map.


Since Leary assigned different substances to different circuits, I find this model useful to understand how experiences of altered states catalyze transformation in the personal circuits and where we need to work in our personal ego structures to integrate this experiences and remain balanced while engaging with explorations of altered states, as well as how we can organically increase the capacity of our Central Nervous System to gain access to this realms of experiencing.


Who is this for?

If your rational mind has strong allergies against edgy theories and the notions of woo and magick, this might not be for you.

It is, if you have an affinity for consciousness exploration and like to play with altered states – either using psychedelics or practicing ritual and magick.

The rabbithole the work around this model offers, might be for you if you are looking for an approach to self-knowledge, balanced psychonautics and expansion, that empowers you to be your own “spiritual authority”... and you are open to fringe philosophers with a sense of humor to give you pointers without selling you ontological paradigms.


What will you get out of this?

An embodied experience of this model downloaded into your system to play, adapt and further explore different dimensions of experience available to the human nervous system so you can map your consciousness explorations on your own terms.

The embodiment of this map will allow you to increase your self-understanding, your response patterns and the process of integration and intelligence increase.

You will receive insights in how to approach psychonautic exploration in a balanced manner and how the integration process can work for you in different dimensions of intelligence.

You might come out with a sense of expansion and new perspectives for looking at yourself and how your nervous system shapes the way you experience reality.

You might have some "A-ha" moments and "Revelations" and experience some shifts in how you approach the world and life. You will get a taste of chaos magick rituals.

And you will have a lot of fun!


The Flow

The journey is designed as a quick run through of the 8 dimensions of consciousness or human intelligence mapped in this model, with rapid shifts between different spaces a la Chaos Magick style.

Over a series of 8 experiments, practices, games and rituals where we will explore safety, territoriality, cognition, belonging/values, play, intuition and possibilities, magick, invocation and ritual and impermanence.

This workshop includes physical movement and proximity as well as touch and space for vulnerable sharings.


Flow for the Day:

11:15 Doors Open - Arrival 11:30 Introduction to the 8 Circuit Brain Model (Lecture) 12:30 Circuit 1: Safety and Co-Regulation 13:00 Circuit 2: Territorial Response - Monkey Business 13:30 Break 13:45 Circuit 3: Mind Twist with E-Prime 14:30 Circuit 4: Embodied Values 15: 15 Lunch Break 15:45 Circuit 5: Presence and Play 16:45 Circuit 6: Creating Possibilities 17:30 Break 17:45 Circuit 7: Engaging with Archetypal Forces 18:30 Break 18:45: Circuit 8: Embracing impermanence: Death Meditation 19:30 Integration Circle 20:30 End and Chill Out –><–

How to prepare

Do not take any consciousness altering substances. If possible, also not the day before.

We want to feel how our system responds and opens throughout this journey.

Have a light, protein rich breakfast and prepare some healthy snacks for yourself. Bring a bottle of water that can be closed to properly hydrate.

Wear something you would feel comfortable in doing some physical warm up. If you feel the call, you can bring a second outfit, that makes you feel more magical.

Bring a journal to take notes and put down reflections from what is coming up for you.

Come with curiosity, an open mind and ready to play.

Pricing: Monk: Navigating tight money flow : 42 Master: I am on top of my money flow: 55 Magickian: I can create abundant money flow: 77

COVID: Please come tested. No matter what kind of G you have as status.

This Workshop is Co-Hosted by the Psychedelic Society Berlin and 23% of the Revenue goes as Donation towards their activities.

About the Facilitator.

Mariana Pinzón works as a transformational coach and offers her space for psychonauts to do integration work, recalibrate their system and dive deeper into the quest of self-discovery. She assists Solar Punk Visionaries to ground and embody their vision to be the change they want to see in the world and holds space for chaotic edge-dwellers to balance order and disorder so they may increase response-ability to surf the waves of chaos.

She offers individual coaching journeys with cacao to explore shadows and patterns in an open hearted and compassionate space and to enhance our communication and commitment to the inner child.

She practices Chaos Magick as a path of liberation and illumination and has an academic background in Comparative Religion and Philosophy as well as in political work regarding the separation of church and state and the re-legalization of Cannabis.

In her coaching sessions she applies her Training with Animas Center for Coaching and mixes it up with playful elements from Possibility Management and Chaos Magick.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To learn more about Mariana’s take on the 8 CB Model and her work, please visit the website For updates and information about upcoming events and offerings, please join the @ChaoSurfing Telegram channel:



This model was devised by Dr. Timothy Leary and further developed by Robert Anton Wilson and Antero Alli. It is another map for self-assessment and different levels of personal and transpersonal consciousness that works without the determinism of place and time of birth unlike maps like astrology or human design.

It maps psychological and spiritual development in a paradigm neutral lingo applying tenants from developmental psychology, evolutionary neurobiology, general semantics and maybe logic. It allows for an understanding how our Central Nervous System wires throughout stages of development and how altered states of consciousness function as catalyst for evolution in our personal wiring, if we manage to absorb and integrate the shocks and how they can create states of disbalance and dysregulation if we fail to do so.

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