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Fr., 28. Okt.


Embodiment Center

Healing & Awakening Through the Eyes

The Eyes are the Window to the Soul

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Healing & Awakening Through the Eyes

Time & Location

28. Okt. 2022, 20:00 – 23:00

Embodiment Center, Gustav-Adolf-Straße 15, 13086 Berlin, Deutschland


About the event

Maybe you’ve heard the saying: “The Eyes are the Window to the Soul”... and, while we all have our own unique perspective on what the Eyes mean to us, there is no doubt that our Eyes are at the very core of our perception and thus our experience of Life.

With our Eyes, we take in all the shapes and colors, which make up the external world. Then, this information is relayed to our brain, which interprets it in terms of all our prior experiences, our social conditioning and current level of consciousness. From this process, our perceptions of people, objects and events are created, which directly relates to how we internally feel about these aspects, as well as the totality of Life.

Hence, there appears to be a deeply interesting and important interplay between the inner and outer world being facilitated by the Eyes. Another example of what you commonly might have heard is people saying, that “he/she/they are “looking” for something on the outside”, or “you have to look within”. This “looking” in other words is directing one’s consciousness on something and we will explore what it is we are looking for.

In particular, what we are looking for, and what the Eyes seem to play a special role in, is the experience of CONNECTION. Connection with ourselves and connection with others.  In this workshop, using a variety of powerful tools, such as meditation, movement mirror work, circle sharins and eye gazing meditation we will explore all of these aspects:

1) How am I viewing the world

2) How am I viewing myself

3) How am I viewing others

And…, (maybe) find that they all are connected to the same source… YOU

We are excited to guide you through this journey of self-exploration, connection and empowerment. This is going to be a co-creative space, where we all come to share our unique gifts with the intention to support one another. Let’s connect with our deep desire to see clearly and to be seen for who we are. That is what we are here to share and experience with you. We are more than excited to welcome you in the space and support each other with these sacred practices.

Much Love, 

Pooja & Henrik

What to bring?

-comfortable clothes

-water bottle for hydration

-everything that you would need for the purpose of journaling


- see description

- in short: to deepen your relationship with yourself and to connect with others around you & life itself


- we will share with you a creative combination of tools that has helped us and many others who are on a self-transformational journey.


- your eyes, to look through yourself using a mirror and others through your eye-gaze;

- your hands, to feel your own touch and to journal;

- your legs, to feel the support coming from the Mother Earth and to jump and shake your body to release all that doesn’t serve you anymore;

- your voice, to connect with your throat chakra for sharing circle;

- your breath, to be aware of and be creative with it with mindful yoga techniques to bring your nervous system into an altered state of consciousness;

- your feelings and thoughts, to connect with them with compassion because they are your inner-guides





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