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Do., 15. Sept.



One Temple Night - 15th & 22nd Sept

Embracing Sensuality

One Temple Night - 15th & 22nd Sept

Time & Location

15. Sept. 2022, 19:00

Berlin, Gustav-Adolf-Straße 15, 13086 Berlin, Deutschland

About the event

Your inner journey. 

For many people a sex-positive temple space can be overwhelming as their nervous system needs a lot of time and space to trust and feel safe with others. This is why this temple night event is not a classical temple. It is rather an inward journey into sensuality, a deep self-exploration of your inner beauty. A play with energies, boundaries and desires. 

Even though the focus is not about engaging in sexual penetration, expressing your sexual energies and desires is highly welcome! And yes, you may also deeply connect with others - using your sight, your smell and all the other senses (incl. touch). The idea is to relax into (any spontaneous upcoming) arousal without having to act out on it. 

So let us drop the idea that we have to do something or get somewhere as a basic intention. The format of the event aims  to build a bridge between the Eros in you and the sexual energy in the field while staying connected to your inner sensations. The focus of the temple is on sensing, expressing and innerly moving energies and emotions rather than on getting "hooked-up" with others. It is a space of healing - a sacred space of surrender to the divine moment. 

The invitation is to fully enjoy yourself no matter of what currently happens around you. It is all about your inner experience. 

The temple consists of two parts (two nights), that belong together and can only be attended both (there is one  ticket for both nights). In the first part of the event (first night) we build a safe "container" for the group and lay the basis to potentially dive deeper in the second night. 

In part one (15th Sept) we practically explore our needs, fears and boundaries, working with authentic relating, embodiment and wheel of consent exercises. The main theme of the first evening will be to get "emotionally naked". As we feel the body and authentically express our vulnerability towards others, just being naked with others (emotionally and physically - to the extent that feels good for you) can create a tremendeous healing potential. Then the focus is no longer on the outside but with your inner sensual experience and own inner beauty. The first evening will be mostly guided and will have an open part in the end. However the real freedom of life begins, when we leave the paths of a pre-planned guided workshop format behind and learn to walk for ourselves (which is the classical idea of a temple night).

Thus part two (22nd Sept) "exploring the unknown" will be far more open and free flowing. Now the idea is to bring in the tools and experiences you have learned in the first part, setting your boundaries, expressing your desires and empowering yourself in the free-flowing process. As we have fully landed in our bodies a magical inner guidance starts to take over. All ideas and intentions of what should happen in the next moment start to dissolve. The presence of the heart is now safely guarding the body through the new unchartered territory.

For who is this:

This event is for those who like to explore sensuality & sexuality beyond intercourse and penetration. It's about curiosity, playfulness and sexyness that comes out of emotional authenticity and conscious connection. It is for those who don’t have any expectations joining a temple night event, neither from others nor themselves. Most suitable for the „sensual“ - sexual blueprint.

What to bring:

  • Water Bottle
  • 1-2 Towels (M or L size)
  • Sarong/Lunghi
  • Authentic outfit (don’t try to dress-up)
  • Mints or chewing-gum


  • Experience? Not required
  • Body Hygiene? Absolutely required
  • Soberness? Definitely required
  • Covid Test? Please to a home-test before coming


Thu, Sep 15th (19-22h) and Thu, Sep 22nd (19-23h) (one ticket for both nights). 

Ticket price: 

Scale ranging from 35 € (low income) - 45 € (regular) - 55 € (supporter). 

Ticket link will be shared after application (taking the short questionnaire below). 

If you feel a resonance and are interested to join the event (Sep 15th & 22nd), please follow the link below to the questionnaire to apply for a ticket: 

Space is limited, so please get your ticket as soon as you have received an invitation link. If you have any more questions around the event or my work in general please write me a personal message -preferably on telegram- ( or contact me via facebook

About Niels - getting to know your host

BBTR (Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release) Practitioner. Niels' passion and purpose is to show people how to open up to the power of life (Prana, Chi, Elan Vitale, Orgon, etc.) and bring the energy in the body back into flow. He combines bodywork and breathwork with approaches from trauma therapy (Somatic Experiencing).

Bodyworker, breathwork practitioner, intensive self-experience with one's own emotions and the body, trainings since 2012 in the areas of: Embodiment, Sensuality, Tantra, Chi Gong, Reiki, Body-Dearmouring, Myofascial Energy, SKAN (Bodywork in the tradition of Wilhelm Reich).


Until 07th Sept you can get a 100% refund. After the 7th, you can request a replacement, if we find another participant via the application form, you will be refunded 75%, if not, no refund.


When you get the ticket link and password, that doesn’t mean your spot is guaranteed, we send out the link to several participants, first come, first serve. Once you payed the ticket, your spot is safe.

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