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House of Pleasure

space for workshops about your desires

Founded in 2021 with the simple idea to organize Tempel Nights, Sex-Parties and Kinky experiences in co-creation with their participants instead of just putting something out there and say "take it or leave it"

Therefore we are not publicly organized, because we want to bring people together who are looking specifically for the same things. We will invite you only to events you'd like and in which you can bring in your own creativity and energy.

Every soul who wants to co-create a safe(r) space to enjoy sexual pleasure on our events is welcome! No matter what gender, sexual orientation, color, ethnicity or religion you identify with.

The only way to reach out to us and join is over this simple form, please fill it completely and with honesty.

Ask yourself, what else can I bring into the space than:

To join please fill out the google form below and we will contact you for a suitable event

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