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About Us

First I wanted to thank all the people who were there from the beginning of this journey in Berlin! All the people who created the content of VANI and put so much love, time and energy into it! 8 weeks from the idea to our first workshop! Crazy! 

All of us are part of the different brands within the Center but our approach to embodiment has one thing in common! We want to be there for every single participant coming to any of our offerings! We don't try to maximize profit but experience! We love to grow with every one of you and seeing your progress in any of our Yoga Classes, in opening up more and more in our VANI workshops or relaxing deeper and deeper with each Massage from Skin&Soul!

We also start working with many other amazing teachers coming to our place with their own ideas and approaches. We want to create a great community of awareness and care. Those two are the key and fundamental ingredients for all experiences at the Embodiment Center. We even created a workshop around this topic for you, if you want to truly understand this concept and how to implement it in your daily life! (read more)

Check our huge Website for all our offerings, jump deeper into a brand by visiting its own website or contact us directly for more information or questions! 

We care and are there for you! 

My little story

Slowly growing with the environment. That's how life feels to me since 2020 when I came to Berlin and wanted to restart from 0, literally.

I was traveling a lot around the globe in my late 20s, seeing, learning & experiencing beautiful, weird, extraordinary & polarizing things.

In Berlin everything started with this one client I had during a massage session. She said, this concept of vulnerability through nudity in the Skin&Soul Session is so powerful that it would be nice to have it also in other teachings than my massages. The seed for VANI was planted.

After opening the VANI Studio I recognized, that the studios capacity wasn't fully reached, so LoveYoga appeared to help getting students a more fulfilling morning routine and I continued giving my massages in between the classes and workshops.

Without even being aware of it, a center of embodiment was created, step by step. All facilitator are teaching in one or the other way something to embody. Yoga, Massages, spiritual Workshops, Templenights etc. they all have one thing in common:

expression of the inner (mind/emotion) through the body.

I am grateful that all this has been coming to me. It almost feels like a given path and I was just putting it together under one roof.

So this page is here for your overview and understanding for what is happening at Gustav-Adolf-Str. 15 in Berlin, the Embodiment Center.

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