Skin&Soul Session

111 €

150 minutes


Service description

A specially developed session in which we simply combine the best of different teachings. After the pre-talk, we start with a guided breathing exercise to bring your body and soul into a relaxed state. You will then be equipped with headphones on which certain frequencies are played with relaxed music, to which your body and mind will react with deep relaxation (if you allow it).
During this phase I also start with the massage, which is also the best of Swedish, Thai and Tantra style combined, lives from long strokes, stretching exercises and single spot massage.
At half time we will focus on all 7 chakra points together with sound and awareness. Here you have the opportunity to listen deeply to yourself and to be a witness of your emotions.
The last part of the massage happens in complete silence in which you can consciously perceive everything in the here and now, on the outside (my touches) as well as on the inside (e.g. your emotions) and you can decide for yourself whether you want to let them out or just want to perceive.

In this session you will be fully naked from the very beginning to let go of all walls and blockages and dive into vulnerability. This is a fully professional treatment with no sexual aspect nor penetration!
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