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Yoga Teacher

What brought you to Yoga?
My mother did, when I was 16. She is a long-time Yoga practitioner and inspires me until now.
After this, I decided to continue on Yoga because it helped me to maintain a healthy body as a professional dancer. A bit later I understood that it was also helping me to keep my mind and emotions in balance, and the practice started showing outside the mat.
I am trained by a lineage of excellent teachers from India who follow a traditional and yet contemporary path, which I try to honor in every class.
Apart from Yoga, I also do somatic practices and work as a freelance dancer and dance teacher. Yoga is an essential part of living my life more fully.

Ana's classes:
Ana teaches traditional Hatha Yoga following the Bihar lineage. Because of her background as a dancer, she adds elements of flow into her classes. Her experience with choreography helps her to design a class that is fluid and coherent.

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