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I have journeyed into somatic bodywork & sexual shamanism as a call to heal from my own psycho-somatic and sexual challenges. I have studied with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), left-hand path tantra yog, and teachers of modern sexological bodywork techniques. My practice is driven by the intention for healing, expansion, and pleasure.

The pillars of my work are:

Consent & safety


Moving of energy (awakening different qualities & archetypes, healing of the masculine and feminine, light & dark)

Activation of the sexual energies

Sacredness (which to me means respecting and showing love to everything that may natural come up in the container, including arousal, grief, fear & uncertainty… and work with them, not against them)

By willing to work with me you agree to the following:

”I am responsible for the quality of my own experience, to ask for what I desire, and express my boundaries when something doesn’t feel aligned with me”
“I agree to honor everything that may come up in sessions, including my body’s sounds, movements, and emotional responses, and contemplate them with love.”

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