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Since 2006 start work with myself and learn chakra energy, practice Hatha Yoga, dancing, learn esoteric and energy practices.

Since 2015 I have start to work with sexual energy and practice Tantra.

2015 start my spiritual travelling, education and rituals practice in ancient temple and place of power:

India (Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Khajuraho temples etc.)

Megalithic Temples of Malta , Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine.

Since 2016-2020 dance in erotic dances show in Ukraine, France, Czech Republic.

And work with woman for the liberation of the body, the release and disclosure of sexual energy.

Since 2018 started learning tarot analysis.

Since 2019 until now learn and practice with people Sacred Tantra therapy, massage therapy and dance movement therapy.

2020 - nowadays learn and start practice Lomi Lomi Nui (sacred Hawaiian massage).

Since 2020 - nowadays I start organize women's dance tantric healing circles and practice course (online and offline).

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