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Yoga Teacher

My name is Jasmine. My love for the nature made me live the last years between the
city of Berlin and the Greek countryside. I studied Chemistry in the Aristotle
university of Thessaloniki in Greece. My first contact with Yoga was 7 years ago when
I met my Teacher and a new world of beauty and light opened for me. Soon I was
introduced into sound healing. Since I was a kid I am playing the piano and I have
studied music harmony , so I realized from a young age the huge effect of the sound
to the mind. I am still exploring and experimenting a lot with the sound to my
practices. I traveled to India to learn more about the culture of Yoga and to deepen
my practice. That was where the voice of my inner teacher started growing. I
became aware of acceptance and work with the Ego of the encounter with the Self
and the collaboration of the two. Simplicity, balance, harmony.
~If I am a drop in the ocean, I am the whole ocean~

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