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Masseur & Facilitator

Through massage, Lucas works on the topic of self-love, body awareness and life vitality.

In a previous life before 2017, Lucas worked in the business world. Even though it was a people-oriented role, something was missing. By searching for purpose through yoga and meditation, massage became the answer. In Lucas' words: "Massage helped me recentre, find comfort within my own body, consciousness within my life, and to feel more alive".

Working at the moment mainly as a Wellness and Rebalancing practitioner, Lucas offers table massages with a meditative approach, a sensitive touch, and a loving intention.

Always working with the person and without gender discrimination to support him/her/them in finding well-being.

Conscious about potential fears, Lucas makes sure to offer a safer space, with trust, respect and an appropriate touch.

Willing to get out of his own confort zone with the motivation of teaching and sharing, Lucas is looking forward to help you to experience a new conversation with the partner of your choice though conscious touch.

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