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Prema Abhika


Dance Body
From 2008 up to now....this is the tool thanks to which I got to know my body and learned to interact with the bodies of other people. this tool is probably the most important for me

professional dancer
studied pair dancing
taught ladies styles such as strip plastic , burlesque
studied and taught the art of striptease and seduction
Yoga Spirit
I spent 4 years in a very powerful yoga school and joined when I was 21. This tool helps me

Destroy unnecessary patterns arranged by society
Fearlessly move forward
Find my true desires
Striptease Grounded
I found a very eco way to boldly express my sexuality in defiance of the social conventions I grew up with.

I learned about the uniqueness and beauty of my body
There are no limits to beauty
How important is what you have, not what you show
I accepted my body
Bali Truth
I lived 1.5 years on this beautiful island. It was a gift from the universe, probably because I was ready to

Immersed in the world of tanta
Opened new deep facets of myself
And most importantly, I grasped all the accumulated experience and turned it into practice.

Prema Abhika
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