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After my massage with Romain I understood why his studio bares the name ‘Skin&Soul’. I did not only experience a relaxing and soothing massage but Romain managed to touch me emotionally as well. Prior to the massage he took time to get to know me to make sure I would get exactly what I wanted from this experience. I immediately felt extremely comfortable in his space and company, which allowed me to relax both physically and mentally during my massage. I really felt like this was my time and that Romain genuinely cared about me getting the best possible experience. It was a touching experience for both skin and soul.

I really recommend this new yoga studio in Prenzlauerberg. The rooms are really cosy and renovated, there is also a toilette, chilling space and a kitchen. The teacher are experienced and open to answer to questions, give advices and provide variations for everyone. Love it!

I've been to the studio a couple of times on Thursday morning for the dynamic Hatha class with Silvia. I always felt at ease. There is a peaceful atmosphere, and the walls exude love and dedication.

Romain schafft einen sicheren Raum, in dem es mir leichtfiel, mich fallen zu lassen. Seine Art und Weise schafft von der Begrüßung bis zur Verabschiedung eine warme Atmosphäre des Willkommenfühlens. Die Massage habe ich sehr genossen und fühlte mich danach vitalisiert und klar und empfand das ganze Erlebnis als sehr empfehlenswert.

I booked the Skin and Soul session, and I didn't expect such an amazing experience, it was more than a massage, it was also very meditative. When it was finished, my body was totally relaxed and my mind very peaceful. I am very grateful for such a beautiful and special moment. I highly recommend Romain for his professionalism and his knowledge as a masseur.

This studio is lovely and so welcoming! The teachers have a variety of styles and backgrounds, so it’s nice to be able to try different classes.

A beautiful experience. I loved exploring new ways to connect through sensual touch. Not knowing who and what comes next created unexpected sensations. Being blindfolded made my other senses more sensitive, which made this an unusual and intense experience. I also appreciate the safe and welcoming space at VANI. Highly recommend.